History of Batu Gajah Gospel Hall

(photo by LC Teoh)

In 1949, Mr. & Mrs. Brewertons( missionaries ) from Ipoh & Mr. Caleb ( an English teacher ) started English meetings in Batu Gajah. The meetings were held at the Royal English School or at the quarters of Mr. Caleb ( the present Telekom Office ).

Then in 1950s, Dr. & Mrs. Nicholls were posted to the Government Hospital in Batu Gajah. Dr. Nicholls was the medical officer in charge of the Hospital. They joined in the meetings, which were held at the Royal English School or in Dr. Nicholls's quarters. At about the same time Mr. Victor Dhoss of Elim Gospel Hall, Ipoh came to Batu Gajah to assist in the missionary work.

In 1959, Mr. & Mrs. Edin Calfson & their daughter started Tamil missionary work in Batu Gajah. At about the same time, Chinese gospel meetings were started in a building in Jalan Eric. There were about 10+ people in the gospel meetings & 15 to 20 children in the Sunday School.

In 1960, Mr. Knutson of USA came to assist in the English work.

In 1968, Mr. & Mrs. Ditzers went back to USA & passed the Chinese work to Mr. & Mrs. Peter Tham & Miss Phang. After over one year Mr. Tham left for missionary work in Kuala Lipis. Mr. Chan Pak Yong & Madam Tan went to seek help from Chinese Elim Gospel Hall elders to take over the care of the Chinese assembly.

Assisted by Chinese Elim Gospel Hall together with Mr. & Mrs. Yap Boon Kai, Mr. & Mrs. Gan, Mr. & Mrs. Chan Pak Yong, Mr. & Mrs. Chan Pak Kong, Mr. Oh Kok Hin (  the above all from Chinese Assembly ); & Mr. Thiran, Mr. S. Daved, Mr. & Mrs.Fan ( the above from English Assembly ), Batu Gajah Gospel Hall was finally established.

Mr. Khor Khoon Yeow of Taiping also came as a full worker. The number of people attending the meetings increased to more than 20 people. So were the Sunday School children.

In 1969, Mr. Khor Khoon Yeow left for Australia & Mr. Lum Kim Fook came to assist in the assembly work.

At about this time, the landlord wanted to take back the house where the meetings were held. We thank God for His grace & mercy, because through prayers & help of the elders of the Chinese Elim Gospel Hall ( Mr. Chung Chee Min, Mr. The Tein Pew, Mr. Ho See Chan, Mr. David Lee, Mr. Lee Weng Kang, Mr. Ng ( full time worker ), Madam Tan & others, the committee for Batu Gajah Hall building fund was formed.

Mr. Chan Pak Yong had kindly contributed the land for the hall by selling it to the committee at its original price. With prayers & contributions from brothers & sisters from all over Malaysia & Singapore, the assembly building was completed in 1971. The dedication service was held on 30th July 1972 & was attended by brothers & sisters from all over Malaysia & Singapore.

In 1976, Mr. Chan Pak Yong & Mr. Gan Ming Kheong were appointed elders. The meetings averaged about 25 to 30 people.

Because of increased number of Sunday School children,  there was a need for building more Sunday school classrooms & also quarters for a full time worker. An adjacent single storey semi-detached house was bought over in 1992 as the mission house.

In 1993, the new building for Sunday School was completed. All this was possible by God's grace & prayers & help from brothers & sisters from all over Malaysia & Singapore. Air condition units were also installed in the main hall to minimize disturbing noises affecting the meetings.

Please continue to pray that the assembly  can continue to grow & bear much fruits for Christ.

Picture of Batu Gajah Gospel Hall taken at entrance ( in 1994 )

Standing (L to R): Mr. Daved, Dr. Wee, Dr. Teoh, Mr. Gan,
                                Mr. Anbalakan, Mr. Khoo,Mr. Yong, Mr. PY Chan
Sitting (L to R): Su-Ann, Mrs. Yong, Mrs. J Chan, Mrs. Wee,
                            Mrs. Gan, Mrs. PY Chan, Mrs. Khoo, Mrs. Teoh

"Thy steadfast love, O Lord, extends to the heavens, thy faithfulness to the clouds."
Psalms 36:5


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