The English YP under Fay organised a special Parents' Day dinner on 19th May 2002 in Batu Gajah Gospel Hall. The children dressed up as waiters & waitresses waited for the parents at the entrance of the church and guided the cars to the parking area. They then opened the car doors & escorted their parents in. They waited on the parents, served them sumptious food which they prepared & cooked themselves.

The parents like myself really felt great.  We thanked the children & Fay for all the effort put in.  We thank God for the wonderful children He has given us and the guidance given by Fay.

"Waiters" - (LtoR) Wen Yang, Anand, Jesron, Su Meng

The children with Fay

      Group photo of parents & children


Dinner Table

Su N & Su Meng with parents

Selvi, Jothi, Anand & Suba with their parents

Zen, Jesron with parents

Kala & family with Jothi

Wen Yang & parents

Wen Yang serving his sister Joy

The children singing to their parents

By Mrs Teoh